Thursday, October 28, 2010

All I want to do is read. Not sure why, but recently the obsession has become extreme. I don't clean, I don't cook, I force myself to go to work, I even have a hard time blogging, so strong is the urge to just curl up with one of the 10 books (not exaggerating) that I have checked out of the library. That's not including the 6 or so used ones I've purchased at yard sales recently that need to be read.

I partly blame TV. Have you noticed there are NO good shows on? Even my tried and true, go-to favorites are weak this year. House and Cutty are together so now that show is lame, Glee is in it's sophomore slump, Grey's Anatomy is running out of steam and The Office is no fun since I know that the life of the party is leaving at the end of the season. Oh well, if you know of a good show on TV right now, I'm open to suggestions.

Anyway, this crazy addiction of mine is great for the blog because library books are...wait for it...FREE!! The thing is, they're not actually free if you don't return them on time. And did you know that this summer, they raised the rate to $0.20 per day for all overdue items? That's bad. Especially for me. I racked up the fines easy enough at $0.10 per day with only 2 or 3 books out at a time. With the higher rate and the ridiculous amount of material I have checked out at one given time, there is a huge potential for some major issues.

Enter Little Mom. She introduced me to the Library Elf. Picture Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Ok, not really, but that was fun, right? Anyway, go to and sign up with your library card number. (Don't worry, it's free, our favorite price.) It sends you an email when you have a book due. You will never be late again. I haven't been late with a single book since I signed up. And it even sends you an email when a book you have on reserve is ready to be picked up. Yay!! Those emails make me really happy. It's the little things.

"Oh...Warner! I totally forgot you go here." ~Legally Blonde

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